Executive Experience

Meet Ana. She is a high-level Executive within our fictional Salesforce company. Her job is to make help make major corporate decisions and manage overall operations of the company. She is the face of the company and reports to her board of directors.

Ana regularly updates shareholders on the health of the business. She wants a central tool for up-to-date performance data on the company. She wants to track the important KPIs across various departments to inform decision-making and monitor overall performance. Ana does not want to log into multiple systems, preferring a single one-stop solution.

Executives have a specific set of numbers they measure to understand which direction the business

is going, where it’s been and where it stands. Live analytics delivered from your CRM provide the 

most accurate picture of the overall health of the organisation.

Want to see what this looks like in Salesforce?
This walkthrough offers a glimpse at how the integration could look inside your own Salesforce platform.

Specifically designed as a single platform experience.
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